The Wolf Recovery Foundation

Welcome to the Wolf Recovery Foundation’s Densite.   We were founded in 1986 as a nonprofit 501.C.3 tax deductible organization, the Foundation, the first organization in Idaho completely dedicated to the restoration of wolves in the Rocky Mountains of the United States.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wolf Recovery Foundation is to foster our heritage of wild wolf communities by advocating their return to suitable places where they have been extirpated.  We foster our mission through our efforts in public representation, information, support of research, networking with similar organizations and web sites, and through workshops, conferences and special events. We invite you to join us as a supporter, or simply wander through our pages.

Without our supporters, the Wolf Recovery Foundation would not be able to continue its mission of fostering a heritage of wild wolf communities.  Over the past years we have been involved in public education and outreach, networking with agencies, organizations, tribes, sanctuaries and universities. We continue to work on programs that can provide non-lethal means of controlling depredation and bring about cooperation, understanding and acceptance from all parties involved in wolf conservation.

The Wolf Recovery Foundation is very honored to have partnered with the Nez Perce Tribe and the Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Montana on several new monitoring projects. They are working on an innovative way to collect DNA samples from wolves without impact or trauma to the animals, and now most recently we have helped fund their “biofence” project.  In the past few years, we are honored to have partnered with Yellowstone National Park in their Pelican Valley wolf/grizzly/ bison interaction winter studies as well as their Summer Predation Study where we provided a GPS collar for the Alpha of the Delta Pack. We provided aid and support for the California Wolf Center after two consecutive years of devastating wildfires, and it has been our pleasure to work with Defenders of Wildlife in their Proactive Carnivore Conservation Fund project and their Wolf Guardian programs in Idaho. We have found that human presence is the best way to prevent wolf/livestock conflicts. Our efforts are by no means limited to the U.S. wolf populations. We have also helped support FERUS, one of France’s leading wolf, bear and lynx protection NGO’s.

Last year we were able to help Mission Wolf, a Colorado wolf sanctuary who for years has provided tremendous public education, when their ambassador wolf bus broke down, leaving them stranded in Salt Lake City. We were also able to help support Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary who has not only provided public education on wolves, but also has a Mexican wolf breeding facility,  Friends of the Clearwater for their habitat and wolf conservation work in the Clearwater wildlands, Doug Smith for his Yellowstone National Park Wolf Program, Grand Canyon Wildlands for their Mexican Wolf recovery work, Western Watersheds Project for their habitat work in Idaho, Advocates for the West and Earthjustice, two environmental law firms, Hank Fischer of National Wildlife Federation for his Restoring Wildlife Habitat Project, the West Yellowstone Grizzly/Wolf Center and the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance.

In 2012, one of our goals is to work more closely with wolf sanctuaries in providing education to our children. Of course they are the future of our planet and our wild places. We hope to develop their understanding of the importance of a healthy planet, and teach them the great value in having a top predator on the landscape. We need to provide sufficient habitats and connectivity for our wildlife, and to become good and well-informed stewards of our wild places. We feel the families that visit these wonderful sanctuaries are the grassroots of change here in America.

We proudly celebrated the 17th anniversary of the reintroduction of the gray wolf back into Yellowstone and Idaho this January, a project which has proven to be very successful.  However, the recovery of the gray wolf is once again being threatened. Our Endangered Species Act and all animals protected under it are at risk. Since the wolf is now no longer federally protected, plans have already been implemented by some states to kill wolves to bring down their numbers, even to the extent of gassing pups in their dens. This must be stopped. Washington recently finalized its State Conservation and Management Plan and we are happy to report that wolves are moving into that state as well as Oregon and California. The Wolf Recovery Foundation is working very hard to support the protection of our animals and our earth, but we will need everyone’s support.

Being an ambassador for us and informing your family and friends about wolves, is the best gift you can give us.  This year is again a crucial one for our wolf friends, in the courts and elsewhere.

Ralph Maughan, President

Wolf Recovery Foundation, Inc.